Project Description

This high-profile project at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa involved structural demolition and remediation in a historical building used as Canadian Senate offices. PWGSC required that OSC keep the historic sandstone exterior façade and interior mosaics intact. The structural and architectural integrity of these features therefore needed constant monitoring throughout the project.


  • Structural demolition of 14,000 square feet of concrete suspended slab and steel supporting interior structuring.
  • Extensive asbestos abatement and lead remediation.
  • Installation of horizontal bracing and vertical structural bracing to maintain the structural stability of the building.
  • Demolition of the building’s core from the top down through 7 floors, involving unique and challenging engineering and crane work.
  • Seismic monitoring 24 hours a day due to heritage concerns and seismic upgrade of the building in order to meet new standards.
  • Complete removal of roofing system and return of salvaged copper sheathing to the owner for re-use on PWGSC projects.