OSC thinks “outside the box”, constantly looking for new ways and new technologies to provide safer, more cost-effective solutions to our customers. Additionally, our equipment services and machining/fabrication facility allows us to build specialized equipment or attachments for project-specific needs.
OSC constantly strives for zero with regard to safety. This involves proactive, behavior based employee training including safe work observations and incentive programs; recurrent refresher training; a core workforce with minimal turnover; and engineering controls on heavy equipment and project sites to name a few.
OSC provides turnkey contracting solutions, with the ability to self-perform many contracting disciplines, allowing us to execute a project from the dismantlement phase, through remediation, civil construction and beyond, thereby reducing the costs and minimizing the schedule impacts of multiple contractors. Additionally, OSC is constantly updating our fleet of equipment to provide the safest, most productive, fuel-efficient machines to our projects.
OSC makes every effort to minimize waste and maximize reuse of materials onsite. Not only does this reduce the costs of disposal and imported materials, but it also reduces traffic emissions associated with transporting materials.