Project Description

This project for involved the remediation of a former chemical plant, which operated on the property during the early 1900’s and pumped wood tar waste products generated from their chemical manufacturing process into unlined, on-site lagoons.


  • Clearing and grubbing and Installation of erosion and sediment controls.
  • Construction, operation, and maintenance of a 300 gallon per minute water treatment system to collect and treat ground and storm water to levels permissible for discharge into the adjacent Cadosia Creek, a renowned trout fishing tributary to the Delaware River.
  • Installation of surface water diversion measures and hazardous materials staging pads.
  • Excavation, segregation, stabilization, and disposal of 45,000 tons of wood tar waste, which was a listed K035 hazardous waste.
  • Backfill and restoration of fields, wetlands, and stream areas.