Project Description

This project involved the remediation of MGP waste from a former manufactured gas plant in Buffalo, NY, which operated during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


  • Implementation of a Community Air Monitoring Program (CAMP) as well as odor suppressant and dust control measures to mitigate offsite odors and emissions.
  • Preservation of a historic stone building façade.
  • Installation of sheeting and stabilization measures to support excavation sidewalls and adjacent utility infrastructure.
  • Installation of a groundwater extraction system to facilitate dewatering prior to excavation to minimize groundwater influence.
  • On-site treatment and discharge over 8 million gallons of contaminated storm water and groundwater.
  • Excavation, stabilization, and offsite disposal of over 175,000 tons of coal tar and cyanide contaminated soils.
  • Demolition of over 5,000 cubic yards of concrete slab and foundations.
  • Safely provide structural foundation support and removal of contaminated soils from beneath an adjacent public school without disruption of daily operations.
  • Imported, placed and compacted over 100,000 tons of structural backfill to support the construction of a new Class A office space and parking structure.