Demolition & Dismantlement


This facility was approximately 200 meters long by 40 meters wide and is situated on an industrial site in downtown Toronto that is approximately 12.5 hectares in area. From 1984 to 1997 it was used to store PCB waste and was listed as a storage site by the Ministry of Environment .The area as a whole is undergoing extensive changes, including demolition of surrounding buildings in order to convert the site for residential and commercial uses. Due to the sensitive nature of the site, pre-mobilization activities included vibration monitoring, ambient air monitoring and spill response and contingency plans. […]


A pharmaceutical company required the interior demolition, cleaning and removal of former pharmaceutical production line in a building, which was used for manufacturing pharmaceutical products in Puerto Rico. The project goal was to leave the 260,000 square foot building structure as a shell for a new owner. OSC was contracted to perform the work on a fast track schedule. […]


This high-profile project at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa involved structural demolition and remediation in a historical building used as Canadian Senate offices. PWGSC required that OSC keep the historic sandstone exterior façade and interior mosaics intact. The structural and architectural integrity of these features therefore needed constant monitoring throughout the project. […]


OSC was contracted to demolish a generating station located in Palisades, CO. The plant had a two coal fired boiler generating system capable of  75 MWs. An active switch yard and an irrigation canal supplying water to local farms had to be protected during operations. […]

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